For such a remarkably turbulent year for the gas industry, the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2015 World Energy Outlook projection that gas will be the fastest growing of fossil fuels and will shortly reach production parity with coal and oil was a relief for many concerned gas industry observers.

Bound for glory

After more than 95 million works hours involving more than 10,000 people, on 16 October 2015 the Santos GLNG Project’s first cargo of LNG left Curtis Island for Korea. The...

Conquering energy’s fog of jaw

Seeing through the “fog of jaw” is tough but necessary if Australia is to get on top of its energy policy problems and attract a good share of the global...

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: what it means for Australia’s gas industry

Negotiations on the biggest global trade deal in 20 years, which first commenced formally more than five years ago, were successfully concluded in Atlanta, United States, in early October 2015.

What’s next for Fair Work

In October 2015 the Federal Government passed long-overdue improvements to the greenfields provisions in the Fair Work Act. But the amendments are only the tip of a much larger iceberg...

Are you barred? Potential issues with time bar provisions

Many contracts prescribe time limits for taking certain steps or actions, such as bringing claims. If non-compliance with...

Broadspectrum: A new beginning for Transfield

Broadspectrum has had a long history with the Australian oil and gas industry under its former name, Transfield Services. Gas Today speaks with Chief Executive, Resources and Industrial, Joe Sofra...

Gas and the gender handicap

It would be nice to think that in 2015 discussions about gender pay parity and women’s access to leadership positions were relics of another age. Problems solved, or at least...

How Australia’s gas industry fared in 2015

How have gas prices in eastern Australia responded over the 12 months since the start-up of the Queensland Curtis LNG project on Curtis Island, and in the...

Bulls and bears: what’s next for Australian LNG?

There can be little debate that the investment boom seen in the oil and gas industry in Australia has played a significant role in shaping the economy...

Need for increased efficiencies drives industry innovation

The coal seam gas sector’s clarion call for decreased operational costs and increased efficiency continues to resonate loud and clear throughout the industry.

ZNX testing equipment a collaboration success story

In August 2015, ZNX Network Services Victoria implemented new technology that will allow faster integrity testing for gas pipe when undertaking insertion work.

GE Oil and Gas appoints Drivetrain as distributor

Drivetrain Power & Propulsion has been appointed by GE Oil and Gas as an Australian distributor of reciprocating compression parts and services.

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