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Gas Today

February 2010

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STTM – a new wholesale gas market for Adelaide and Sydney

The Australian Energy Market Operator is currently implementing a new wholesale gas short-term trading market that will initially operate in Sydney and Adelaide. The new market represents a major change to the way gas is bought and sold in South Australia and New South Wales.

Editor’s comment

Sarah Robertson

The new decade brings exciting new challenges for Australia’s gas industry. As debate continues over a carbon pollution reduction scheme, natural gas is a fuel of choice for a low emission economy, with business taking steps and some strides to deliver a sustainable but competitive energy future.

Increasing gas demand prompts distribution network expansion

As demand for natural gas rises, companies are facing new challenges in their effort to bring natural gas to more consumers than ever. Gas Today spoke to major operators SP AusNet and Jemena about their developments and the future of gas distribution in Australia.

Observations on future gas issues

Andrew Blyth

Energy sources and demand levels are likely to be increasingly affected by social and technological factors in 2010 and beyond. The future of gas distribution in Australia lies in smarter energy grids.

Hot tapping tools take the pressure off drilling

Connecting gas and water distribution main lines, service lines, hydrants and pipe systems requires a safe and reliable technique. Supplier Georg Fischer Piping Systems believes that cost-effective and user-friendly options such as hot tapping are the right solution.

LNG keeps on trucking in Victoria

A micro-LNG plant to fuel trucks in southwest Victoria could have financial and environmental benefits for the region’s expanding transport industries. South West Sustainability Partnership Executive Officer Barrie Baker has put together a proposal to bring suppliers and potential LNG users together to reap the benefits.

Drive away, no more to pay – NGVs reduce carbon emissions

Natural gas is being adopted globally as a fuel source for transport vehicles. Gas Today caught up with natural gas vehicle experts Brett Jarman and Ollie Clark to discuss the future of natural gas vehicles in Australia and worldwide.

CNG public transport faces clean diesel roadblock

Stephanie Clancy reports on the challenges facing the widespread uptake of compressed natural gas technology in Australia’s public transport systems.

FutureGAS 2010 – the future of gas is now!

It's not too late to register for FutureGAS 2010 to make sure you are a part of Australia’s whole-of-industry natural gas conference and exhibition – where the future of the gas industry is being shaped today.

FLOWSIC 100 FLARE – the new ultrasonic flare gas flowmeter

Demand for flare gas flowmeters has increased significantly as the gas industry moves toward a carbon constrained environment, becoming more aware of waste gas emission and stringent regulations for CO2 control.

MWM pushes for fuel efficiency in power generation

As Australia moves toward a carbon constrained economy, focus is shifting to efficient, low emissions fuel sources. MWM Energy Australia Managing Director David Sparano talks to Gas Today about the company’s answer to fuel efficiency – decentralised gas-fired power generation.

Wanted: skilled workers for the expanding Australian gas industry

Expansion in the oil and gas industry has created an opening in the job market. Hays Oil & Gas Regional Director Simon Winfield outlines the skill sets likely to be in demand in 2010.

Staffing Queensland LNG – Santos trains up

As the many proposed Queensland LNG projects take shape and gain momentum, proponents are focused on securing a skilled and capable workforce. Gas Today looks at Santos’ focus on training and apprenticeships when recruiting for its LNG operations in the state.

Recruiting for the booming LNG industry

Rapid growth in the LNG industry and global economic factors have made for a turbulent job market in Australia’s energy sector. Dave Deemer and Matthew Wolstenholme, LNG specialists from ACRWorld, suggest ways for companies to make sure the right people are hired for the job.

Nixon keeps in touch on remote projects

Nixon Communications has been providing communications services for Australian pipeline projects for over 20 years. With so much recent activity in the gas industry, including coal seam gas in Queensland’s Surat Basin, the company has been busier than ever.

Outlook good: forecasting gas demand

The daily operations of a gas pipeline can rely heavily on accurate forecasting of gas demand. EnergySolutions Product Manager Morten Kristiansen outlines the factors that can influence demand for gas and the benefits of being able to accurately predict them.

EMICO ball valves have class

The EMICO ball valve and actuator range includes everything from small bore three-piece to the latest in cryogenic and trunnion ball designs.

Whose gas? Automating gas transmission pipeline systems

Jamie Coombs from SEA Gas explores automating the management of gas transportation contracts.

Moisture measurement for natural gas in a new light

Monitoring moisture content is an important part of preparing natural gas for transmission through pipelines or distribution for burning by end users. GE’s Aurora analyser uses tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to measure moisture in natural gas rapidly and accurately.

Pietro Fiorentini launches new piloted gas regulator

Accutherm International, the Australian distributor for Pietro Fiorentini products, has recently launched a new gas pilot regulator, the Aperflux 101.

Wärtsilä gas generators to support wind power

Wärtsilä has been contracted to supply a 170 megawatt gas-fired power plant to be installed in Antelope Station, located near Abernathy, Texas, USA.

Clarke generates interest at Blackwater

Bow Energy has awarded an engineering, procurement and construction contract to Clarke Energy Australia for the 30 MW Blackwater Power Station, which will use coal seam gas as feedstock.

Longtom comes online

Nexus Energy’s offshore Longtom Gas Field Development began producing gas late last year, following the installation of a 17 kilometre subsea pipeline.

Wrapping up major gas projects in Australia

Katherine St Lawrence

Despite global financial uncertainty and the possibility of major economic reform under carbon reduction legislation, Australia’s gas industry hasn’t slowed. Katherine St Lawrence looks at some of the major projects currently under development across the country.

Gas in the tropics – APIA Convention in Cairns

The 2009 Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) Convention, held from 17–20 October, provided a dynamic forum for the industry to unite and discuss key issues affecting gas transmission pipelines.

APPEA’s 50th year fires up interest in gas

Gas Today will bring industry representatives all the latest news from the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) 2010 Conference and Exhibition.

Don’t cry for me – World Gas Conference in Argentina

The International Gas Union has been running triennial World Gas Conferences since 1931. In 2009, the conference was held in Argentina from 5–9 October. Gas Today spoke to four Australian attendees about their experiences.

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