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News in Brief

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Climate change on the agenda

Australia’s gas industry representatives are championing natural gas as the low emissions resource that will lead Australia and the industry into a carbon constrained, environmentally aware and sustainable future.

Natural gas - high on the national agenda

Since the Hon Martin Ferguson has taken office as the Federal Minister for Resources and Energy, gas has been elevated to prime position on the national energy agenda. Gas Today...

Barry - the hapless face of a serious gas campaign

Barry’s Got Gas. This is not an embarrassing problem Barry has, but a campaign to promote the benefits of natural gas use to New South Wales’ consumers and reduce carbon...

CSG - firing up Australia's gas industry

In the last year, coal seam gas (CSG) production in Queensland and NSW grew by 40.2 per cent to reach a record 113 petajoules (PJ). While this accounts for only...

Lucas Energy - tapping NSW CSG

Queensland is known as Australia’s most lucrative coal seam gas (CSG) province, however New South Wales is also contributing to the nation’s growing reserves. Gas Today spoke with Lucas Energy’s...

Monitoring solutions for the gas industry

Utilising methane for power generation can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, however monitoring methane levels in power station engines is crucial. A new methane analyser enables real time monitoring, ensuring...

Pipeline business moves into CSG

The rapidly developing coal seam gas industry in Australia has seen a growth in opportunities for pipeline companies.

CSG may give new wings to the Australian economy

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Chief Executive Belinda Robinson reviews the rise of coal seam gas (CSG), from canaries to mass production. She identifies some of the sector’s...

National energy safety rules key to the future

In April the Energy Networks Association launched a policy supporting a common approach to energy safety in Australia, including the creation of a single national energy safety regulatory...

Darling Downs - Australia's biggest combined-cycle power station

Using Queensland’s rich source of coal seam gas (CSG) reserves, the Darling Downs Power Station is set to become Australia’s largest combined-cycle power station.

Ceramic Fuel Cells - complementing the gas sector

With double the efficiency of coal-fired electricity generation, gas-powered ceramic fuel cells have the potential to provide a whole new market for natural gas.

Gas turbine asset management research

A three-year research project is aiming to ensure the effective asset management of gas turbines through increased knowledge of hot gas path component degradation processes, life prediction methods and effective...

APPEA 2008 shows gas is energising change

‘Energising change’ was the timely theme of the 2008 APPEA conference and Exhibition in Perth, Western Australia, where gas was centre stage as a fuel to secure Australia’s energy security.

Gas the talk of the town

With oil prices spiking above $US100, gas is emerging as the focus of energy discussion. The 2008 South East Asia Australia Offshore Conference (SEAAOC) will provide a unique and timely...

AGIT 2008 Activities

The Australian Gas Industry Trust (AGIT) is offering three Overseas Study Tour awards in 2008 to Europe. In alternate years the Study Tour focuses on Europe, North America...

AGA launches cylinder certification scheme

The Australian Gas Association (AGA) has recently launched a new product certification scheme that is designed to benefit importers, manufacturers and retailers of gas cylinders serving the Australian marketplace.

Analysing Australia's gas industry

Australian and international consultants imparted their wisdom at the recent APPEA conference in Perth, with key issues addressed at the conference including skills and migration and rising global gas demand.

CSG - next generation legal issues

A strong, reliable and, most importantly, bankable coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Australia is no longer just a pipe dream. It is a reality.

Actuators for critical mainline natural gas valves

Regional Sales Manager for Emerson Process Management in Australia and New Zealand Spencer Jenner reviews the actuator techniques available for mainline gas valves used in critical applications.

Safe and practical field calibration

A new intrinsically safe calibrator is ensuring safety on the field, while offering the functionality and performance of an industrial calibrator.

Protecting SCADA systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are a critical component of all gas infrastructure. While there has been considerable emphasis on the physical security of these systems, it is...

NGERS - implications for the transmission sector

The Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) has been working with the Federal Government to inform them of the issues peculiar to the transmission industry’s greenhouse gas emissions in the lead...

Young Pipeliners - developing the future, today

The gas transmission industry’s younger members are certainly demonstrating how pro-active they can be!

Selling gas to New Zealand's mass market

Currently, New Zealand homes use less than 3 per cent of all natural gas produced in the country. In an effort to respond to this, Powerco has successfully launched the...

Review of Taranaki Basin

Over the last five years, New Zealand’s gas reserves have grown substantially, with the country having considerably more than the OECD average. This is in no small part due to...

Pluto LNG Project

Last November marked the official start of construction at Woodside Petroleum’s $11.2 billion Pluto LNG Project. Poised to increase Australia’s LNG output by between 5 and 6 million tonnes per...

Kupe Gas Project

Though the Kupe gas field has long been the neglected little sister of the massive Maui gas field, this late-blooming development is poised to play a major role in New...

North Rankin - 2 Project

The North West Shelf Joint Venture has given the green light to the $5 billion North Rankin-2 (NR2) Project, which aims to deliver high-value gas from the North West Shelf...

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