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Gas Today

May 2010

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Editor’s comment

Sarah Robertson

Welcome to the May 2010 edition of Gas Today. Coming to the end of the financial year is always a time to reflect on the developments and successes of the past twelve months, and 2010 is no exception.

STTM trial in full swing

Craig Price

The Australian Energy Market Operator is in the final stages of introducing a new short-term trading market for natural gas in South Australia and New South Wales. Gas Today caught up with Project Director Craig Price to get an update on the progress of the trial.

New streams for CSG: water and innovation

Nick Hudson

Increasing interest in coal seam gas development and changes in regulatory requirements are making associated water management an important consideration for developers. GHD Advanced Water Manager Nick Hudson gives some insight into innovations in the area.

Polyethylene pipe for CSG pipelines

Mark Heathcote

As Australia’s CSG industry booms, polyethylene pipe is emerging as the material of choice in CSG gathering pipeline networks. Plastics Industry Pipe Association Executive General Manager Mark Heathcote gives an overview of the use of polyethylene pipe and the Code of Practice currently being developed to regulate the industry.

Addressing skills demands in Australia’s booming industries

Jane Chidgey

Australia is experiencing growth on a number of fronts, and with the gas industry at the heart of development, new demands and requirements are coming to light in the area of service and infrastructure provision. Energy Skills Queensland is preparing a targeted development plan to ensure that Australia’s growing requirements continue to be met.

Engineering CSG projects

WDS has provided support for more than four years to the development of Arrow Energy’s Queensland coal seam gas fields, including the Daandine project.

L&M Energy celebrates the rise of CSG

L&M Energy has an eye on New Zealand’s coal seam gas, with a philosophy that more options provide more opportunities to gain value for any coal seam gas developed. L&M Energy tells Gas Today about the lessons the company will take into its operations.

The evolution of coal seam gas dehydration

Momentum continues to build in the coal seam gas industry, and process designs for its dehydration have evolved into reliable packages. These new designs will continue to strengthen the industry and enable the evolution of targeted solutions to create more reliable and economic facilities.

Going large at Mortlake

Bilfinger Berger Services Australia is constructing Origin Energy’s 550 megawatt power station in the rural town of Mortlake in western Victoria. Gas Today spoke to Project Manager Val Tialshinky about the strategies and techniques used to ensure a successful construction phase.

Natural gas and renewables: not such strange bedfellows

Mark McCallum

While natural gas and renewable energy generation are competitors in their own rights, natural gas is also the perfect complementary partner for intermittent renewable energy sources, according to Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Deputy Chief Executive Mark McCallum.

Australia’s first dual-fuel project nears completion

Power and Water Corporation’s 33 megawatt Owen Springs Power Station, located in the Northern Territory, features the new MAN Diesel 51/60DF dual-fuel engine. In addition to supplying the engines, MAN Diesel is currently on schedule to have the first generator set installed and commissioned by July 2010.

5 minutes with Cameron O’Reilly

The Energy Retailers’ Association of Australia is an independent association lobbying in the interests of retailers of electricity and gas throughout the National Electricity Market and the National Gas Markets. Executive Director Cameron O’Reilly spoke to Gas Today about his experiences in the gas retail industry.

Back to the Future – industry reunites at FutureGAS 2010

Brisbane’s Sofitel Hotel bustled with representatives from all corners of the gas industry as delegates gathered for the FutureGAS 2010 Conference and Exhibition from 9–11 March.

Reaching the industry through FutureGAS – MWM

David Sparano, Managing Director, MWM Energy Australia

For all who hoped for more exhibitors, more delegates and more visitors than the 2009 event, the FutureGAS 2010 Conference and Exhibition lived up to expectations.

It’s a generational thing: APPEA considers Australia’s energy future

Now in its 50th year, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) has set itself the challenge of securing ‘Energy for Generations’ at its 2010 annual conference in Brisbane from 16–19 May.

A global future for gas

As industry leaders from around the world make their way to Brisbane for the 2010 Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Conference, Gas Today spoke to International Gas Union President Datuk Dr Abdul Rahim Hj Hashim and Wood Mackenzie Vice President – Gas and Power Rajnish Goswami about their predictions for the role gas is set to play in the global energy economy over the coming decade.

Mobilising workshops in outback Queensland

Austral-Powerflo Solutions has recently developed a new approach to its work, resulting in the award of a contract to execute infield servicing on valves in mid-west Queensland’s tricky terrain.

Capturing carbon at Callide

Carbon emission is becoming a prominent issue for carbon-emitting businesses in the developed world, especially cheap coal-fired power stations. In order to provide a cost-effective solution, GLP is currently constructing a carbon dioxide (CO2) capture plant at CS Energy’s Callide A Power Station in central Queensland.

Totally addicted to BassGas

Valve Tech Engineering recently completed operations at Origin Energy’s BassGas Project, located in the Bass Strait, Victoria. The company provided maintenance and upgrade services on more than 150 valves at the project.

Change on the cards for Australia’s environmental approval process

Tim Power

The proposed Australian Environment Act could have a number of implications for environmental impact assessment processes on major gas projects in Australia. Freehills’ Tim Power outlines some points for proponents to consider if the act is passed

Determining gas quality – field versus laboratory testing

Murray McCullough, Amdel Petroleum Services National Business Development Manager

With so much activity in Australia’s gas market, the need for reliable and rapid gas quality testing has never been so important.

New frontiers in gas exploration – Beach goes after shale

Following a flourishing industry in the United States, the emergence of shale gas in Australia should come as no surprise. As coal seam gas (CSG) exploration becomes more conventional, shale gas has the potential to become the next big thing.

Maui Gas Pipeline – a new maintenance philosophy

Unexpected equipment failure can lead to unplanned downtime and create substantial losses for companies – moving from a fail/fix to a predict/prevent maintenance philosophy was an easy choice for Mokau Compressor Station operator Vector Gas.

New Zealand unlocks new gas potential

Stephanie Clancy

In 2009, the New Zealand Government commissioned a series of expert reports to unlock the unconverted wealth of the nation’s petroleum resources. Based on the results, the Government developed an Action Plan to realise that potential, and is currently assessing feedback from industry players.

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