ABMARC paints rosy future for CNG vehicles

ABMARC has released a report forecasting the future uptake of compressed natural gas (CNG) use in light and commercial vehicles. The report provides insight into resource availability, Australian natural gas connection density mapped down to capital city level, local and
international government policy review, and price forecasting—including projections of the alternative fuels excise and proposed carbon tax in July 2015, analysis of natural gas vehicle systems and operating characteristics, and a comprehensive calculator which allows users to determine the potential benefits of switching to CNG for their specific fleet. Some figures from the report are outlined below and opposite.

13 million vehicles globally operate on natural gas, and this number is increasing at the rate of approximately 18% per year.

Governments in the European Union and United States are supporting the use of CNG in the transport industry, reducing their emissions by 20–25% when compared directly to the petrol engine it replaces.

Only 0.02 % of Australian vehicles are capable of operating on CNG, despite the fact that nearly half of Australian residential and commercial premises are connected to natural gas.

61% of all vehicles in Pakistan run on CNG.

Natural Gas Australia: An Automotive Perspective is available from ABMARC. Contact Natalie Roberts, Principal Engineering Consultant on 03 5964 8402, mobile 0438 352 530 or email nroberts@abmarc.com.au for further information.

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