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NT fracking moratorium lifted

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner today announced the NT Government had accepted all 135 recommendations of the independent fracking inquiry.

Federal Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matt Cananvan, explores Australia's rich gas history, and why the association must continue.

Santos has revealed four core assets to build on in its 2017 Investor Day presentation, with the controversial Narrabri Gas Project returning to the fold.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chairman Rod Sims has identified gas moratoria’s in states and territories as one of the reasons behind the energy crisis.

WA introduces fracking moratorium

The West Australian Government has placed a ban on fracking for existing and future petroleum titles in the South-West, Peel and Perth metropolitan regions.

Victoria announces $10 million gas study

Victoria has committed $10 million to a study on the potential development of conventional gas discoveries, despite a moratorium in place until 2020.

Legislation to permanently ban fracking returned to the Victorian Parliament yesterday, with both sides of government supporting the bans.

The Queensland Government has set potential gas supplies from a CSG pilot in the Surat Basin aside for Australian use only.

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has highlighted the need for policy reform in order to secure the country’s energy future.

Reimagining Australia’s shale gas revolution

The polarised arguments about shale gas are inhibiting constructive debate on the role of unconventional gas in Australia’s energy future.

Community engagement: AGL’s experience at the Camden Gas Project

The Camden Gas Project, situated in the Macarthur region, southwest of Sydney, has been supplying around five per cent of the state’s gas since 2001, cohesively operating alongside the local...

Impediments to CSG industry: 5 minutes with Alan Moran

Dr Alan Moran, Director of the Institute of Public Affairs’ Deregulation Unit, is an economist who has made a specialty of regulatory matters, in particular covering energy, global warming, housing,...

South Australia's Roadmap to progress

In December 2012, the South Australian Government released its Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in South Australia, setting out matters of priority to lead to increased levels of unconventional gas...

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