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LNG producers with exposure to the oil price are likely to continue to face headwinds for some years according to global ratings agency, Standard and Poor’s Ratings Service (S&P).

Federal and state ministers agree that reform is needed to resolve uncertainty around price and availability.

With deep political divisions around the country on how best to secure and deliver sufficient gas, the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference comes at the perfect time – a time of seismic changes in the energy sector and a time for the shake-up plan to begin.

Contracting with a Chinese counterparty? Answers to your top three concerns

Transacting with Chinese counterparties has never been more common, but there are some recurring issues that often concern clients. Lawyers Corrs Chambers Westgarth look at the top three questions that...

Announcing the Top 20 Australian Gas Leaders

The Top 20 Australian Gas Leaders - 2015 lists have officially been launched and are now available to view.

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) has signalled the development of Queensland’s shale gas industry as a potential source to attract a new wave of economic investment.

Lessons to be learned from cost overruns

While Australia’s LNG projects have faced various delays and cost overruns, compared with other megaprojects these have been relatively minor for Queensland’s three LNG projects. University of Queensland Associate Professor...

Energy solution so close, yet so far away

One the conundrums of eastern Australia’s energy story this decade is how a major new gas export industry has been developed at the same time that domestic gas supply is...

Editor's comment

The last few months have seen an increase in discussion about the challenges facing the Australian gas industry, particularly after significant policy changes in New South Wales and the stringent...

Editor’s comment

Federal Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent announcement of a 14 September 2013 election will see the longest Australian election campaign to date. CSG, large-scale LNG projects, and gas supply and...

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