FlexSwitch provides precision fluid detection

The SIL2 flow/level FlexSwitch detects fluid interface in oil well separation tank processes.

The SIL2 flow/level FlexSwitch detects fluid interface in oil well separation tank processes.

Petroleum engineers responsible for the process of separating crude oil, gas and water will find the SIL2 rated FlexSwitch® FLT93S flow/level/temperature switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) provides precision interface detection of fluids to manage separation tank operations.

After extracting crude oil, the first step in the refining process is to separate the oil, gas and water into separate process streams using either two-phase (oil/gas and condensate) or three-phase (oil, gas and water) separation tanks.

There are various types and classes of separation tanks based on multiple technologies, but fluid interface detection of the oil, gas and water is always important for successful operations.

Detecting the interface of oil, gas and water in a tank is difficult because each of these fluids differs in their fundamental characteristics.

If the fluid interface detection isn’t accurate, troublesome emulsion layers of oil/water and gas/condensate can contaminate the individual process streams and affect the refining process.

With its advanced thermal dispersion sensing technology, the FLT93S Switch ensures accurate interface detection of oil, gas and water. 

The FLT93S Switch performs monitoring, controlling and alarming of flow rates or levels of critical fluid layers in tanks such as emulsion layers, foams, liquids and slurries. 

With its rugged industrial design and housing, the FLT93S Switch features superior reliability rated to SIL2 and a long service life under the harshest petrochemical industry conditions. 

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