Global support for local CSG industry

Global Artificial Lift's electric submersible pumps.

Global Artificial Lift's electric submersible pumps.

Global Oilfield Services subsidiary Global Artificial Lift is a leading electric submersible pump supplier for the coal seam gas market in the United States of America with an install base of over 5,000 systems. The company recently opened a Brisbane office to service Australia’s burgeoning CSG industry.

Members of Global Artificial Lift’s unconventional gas division have been actively involved in coal seam gas (CSG) since 1982. This vast experience base covers dewatering vertical and horizontal wells and the company has developed unique processes and procedures to deal with the challenges of these applications.

Challenges of CSG

Since 1982, there has been a very steep learning curve with dewatering CSG wells. Most of the expertise initially came from the oil industry. It became apparent early on that the same technology that had been proven in the oil industry was not applicable to CSG challenges.

The mechanical differences and associated challenges of CSG production– including dealing with solids, turbulent flow conditions, gas locking, pulling the water down below the bend of a horizontal well, and others – demanded products and service changes to meet these differences.

It was also apparent that the economics of CSG were very different from the oil industry and therefore using the same products were cost prohibitive. Global has met the mechanical and the economic challenges by developing specific cost-effective products and developing new processes and procedures for this industry.

A new product for a new industry

For many years electric submersible pumps (ESPs) had been viewed as products best suited for high volume wells, and are still excellent pumping platforms to accomplish that. Due to years of experience and development, Global has developed CSG systems that are also capable at low levels of production – down to 50 barrels per day.

This product development has led to industry-changing solids control both at the time of drilling and in existing wells. Products have been developed and patented for unique gas bypass systems that considerably reduce the risk of gas locking and increase gas production by drastically reducing the amount of free gas lost with the water during the dewatering cycle.

Reinjection of the produced water has become a paramount environmental issue and systems have been developed that include being able to reinject water without ever bringing it to surface or creating a closed loop so as not to allow oxygen back into the system.

Supporting CSG

One of the most important things that has been learned since 1982 is that every basin can be different, every field can exhibit its own set of challenges, and we are going to learn something new that can be applied to applications somewhere else.

The CSG industry appears straightforward on the surface but has at times baffled the most experienced. We have also learned that bringing high cost oil field equipment to CSG has proven ineffective and too costly for the economic structure of CSG. A substantial amount of time and money has been invested in the development of products that specifically address the common mechanical and economical challenges faced by artificial lift.

Global is excited about bringing proven and economical dewatering and reinjection products along with years of practical experience to the Australian CSG market.

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