Gorgon on track for first LNG

Two of the Gorgon Project’s eight MEG tanks.

Two of the Gorgon Project’s eight MEG tanks.

Preparations for first LNG at the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project are well underway, with hydrotesting activities required for Train 1 start-up complete.

Hydrotesting on the four monoethylene glycol (MEG) tanks required for the start-up have been completed, with the first delivery of MEG expected soon.

MEG will play a critical role in the transportation of gas from the fields to the plant, acting like antifreeze to absorb water and prevent hydrates forming that could block pipelines.

Upstream Commissioning and Start-Up Manager John Kay said the Project has two MEG processing facilities on the plant site – one for the Jansz-Io field and the other for the Gorgon field.

“Each facility includes four storage tanks – two rich MEG tanks and two lean MEG tanks which will enable MEG to be regenerated and re-used in a continuous cycle,” Mr Kay said.

First ground flare operational

The ground flare required for the introduction of commissioning fuel gas for the project is also now operational.

Connected to the plant site by pre-assembled racks, each of the project’s four ground flare boxes is approximately 150 m long and 75 m wide, with 14 m high walls.

The use of a ground flare over an elevated vertical flare stack will aim to reduce environmental impacts by reducing light emissions.

Train 2 delivery nearing completion

16 of the 17 modules required for Train 2 have been delivered and are on their foundations.

The first modules for Train 3 has also been delivered and is due to be placed on its foundations soon.

All LNG Train 1 and common modules required for first gas were installed by mid-2014.

The remaining 13 modules will join the 38 already delivered to Barrow Island by the end of 2015.

First LNG is expected at the Gorgon Project in mid-2015.

Joint venture interests in the project include Chevron (operator, 47 per cent), ExxonMobil (25 per cent), Shell (25 per cent), Osaka Gas (1.25 per cent), Tokyo Gas (1 per cent), and Chubu Electric Power (0.417 per cent).

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