Jereh boosting Australia’s oil and gas production to fuel the world

Jereh's stand at the APPEA 2015 Conference in Melbourne.

Jereh's stand at the APPEA 2015 Conference in Melbourne.

On 17 May, Jereh presented at the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) 2015 Conference in Melbourne with its oil and gas solution tailored for the Australia market.

The plan covered oil and gas engineering and construction, as well as offshore engineering with module fabricating capability which could work well for boosting the existing Australia market. 

As revealed by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Australia’s overall oil production has declined since the beginning of this century.

Strong need resides in Australia to boost its oil and gas exploration and production, while its main frontier for oil exploration has been moving in recent years to the offshore area, which requires rather demanding technology and capacity than those used for onshore productivity.

Jereh showcases its offshore engineering strength backed up by reliable manufacturing power with operating cases sharing.

“We are capable of providing offshore platform, offshore drilling package and auxiliary equipment with electrical control system,” Jereh Australian Market Manager Josie Wang said.

“This March, Jereh came into alliance with Plexus, the world leading oil and gas company, which equips us with POS-GRIP technology and will definitely create significant impact in the subsea field and compelling benefits for our customers around the world.”

In addition to the offshore segment, Jereh’s natural gas sector also has full express onsite coverage, covering gas compression and gathering, gas treatment and processing, gas storage and fueling.

Facing declining oil production and steady rise in domestic natural gas consumption, greater expected natural gas production is likely to boost natural gas exports even more in the next few years.

As is known, Australia has become a leading LNG exporter in Asia-Pacific region in the past decade. Jereh expresses its ambition to boost the nature gas production ever more which could facilitate Australia’s LNG business to fuel more.

As China’s largest private listed oil and gas company, Jereh specialises in oil and gas engineering and construction, oilfield technology services and equipment manufacturing. With manufacturing capacity of over 1,000 sets of equipment every year, covering over 60 countries.

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