LPG Australia broadens to encompass LNG and CNG

LPG Australia has undergone a major change, broadening its member and associate base to represent other gaseous fuels and rebranding itself as Gas Energy Australia.

The new national peak body – Gas Energy Australia – has been formed to consolidate the advocacy, policy and technical development profile of the downstream LPG, compressed natural gas (CNG) and LNG industries.

Gas Energy Australia Chairman of the Board of Directors and Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas General Manager Graham Smith said “This significant development in the energy sector will provide the gaseous fuels industry and our key stakeholders with a common point of liaison for policy development.

“Australia’s energy security and carbon reduction policies rest, in part, on the vital role that alternative fuels like LPG, CNG and LNG play in the transport, residential and industrial markets.”

Gas Energy Australia Chief Executive Mike Carmody said “Gas Energy Australia will provide advocacy, policy and technical development, media communications and information management services, to its members and associates, from its secretariat offices in Canberra, located within close proximity of the nation’s decision makers and policy advisors.

“The challenge for the industry is to ensure we keep the benefits of gaseous fuels at the forefront of the nation’s energy security and environmental debate, including the unique value the industry creates for the Australian community.”

Gas Energy Australia was formed on 15 October 2012.

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