Pipe manufacturing underway for next stage of Vic–NSW expansion

A map of APA Group's Victorian assets.

A map of APA Group's Victorian assets.

The first shipment of pipe for the next stage of loopings on APA Group’s Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion (VNIE) Project is due in Melbourne by mid-October.

An APA Group spokesperson told PPO News that pipe manufacturing for loopings 6–9 is currently underway, with construction scheduled to commence in early 2016.

The construction contract for stages 6 to 9 of the project is expected to be tendered by APA Group in late September.

The expansion project will require looping on both the Moomba to Sydney Pipeline and the Victorian Transmission System, at a cost of approximately $A85 million.

This story first appeared on PPO News. To find out more about the expansion, click here.

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