SA aims to increase use of gas for transport and heavy machinery

A South Australian Government working group will develop a framework for increased use of gas for various transport and heavy machinery, following its inaugural meeting in Adelaide in May.

The working group, Gaseous Fuels for Transport and Heavy Machinery, was established to devise a framework to support the increased use of natural gas as an alternative transport fuel to diesel, based on recommendations made in the SA Government’s Roadmap for Oil and Gas Projects.

The group recently accepted Gas Energy Australia’s request to expand its terms of reference to include LPG, and to also focus on reducing carbon and particulate emissions.

“Gas powered vehicles produce up to 23 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than their petrol and diesel powered counterparts, as well as up to 90 per cent less dangerous particulate pollution,” Gas Energy Australia Chief Executive Officer Mike Carmody said.

“The gas industry is willing to invest in the technology and infrastructure needed to allow increased use of gas as a cleaner, cheaper transport fuel alternative, but supportive government policy is also needed as a driver for change.

“As it stands, current tax policy settings favour the use of foreign fuel, thereby discouraging the uptake of gas.”

The Working Group will meet again later this year.

To find out more about the Gaseous Fuels for Transport and Heavy Machinery working group, click here.

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