South Australia a world-leader in gas

Part of the Moomba Gas Plant in South Australia.

Part of the Moomba Gas Plant in South Australia.

The Fraser Institute’s ninth annual survey has listed South Australia as Australia’s most attractive oil and gas investment destination, ranking 12th out of 126 jurisdictions around the globe.

The state was singled out in the report for “Strong political leadership on the fracking debate and support for free market on gas supply versus calls for domestic gas reservation policy.”

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) Chief Executive Dr Malcolm Roberts said the survey recognised the state’s ongoing efforts to attract investment while maintaining high regulatory standards.

“South Australia has improved its global ranking in each of the last four surveys and has achieved the highest possible ranking this year for its fiscal regime,” Dr Roberts said.

“While most other states and territories have also improved their rankings this year, it is disappointing to see New South Wales and Victoria go backwards.”

Dr Roberts added that unnecessary moratoriums and similar restrictions on exploration and development only serve to stifle jobs and economic development and jeopardise energy security, while strong leadership from governments and sensible, consistent regulatory oversight is essential if the oil and gas industry is to continue to grow and deliver benefits for all Australians.

This article first appeared on the PPO News site. To read more about the survey, click here.

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