The ins and outs of carbon monoxide training

Course attendees at a Testo training session.

Course attendees at a Testo training session.

As carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, it can easily cause harm without warning.

According to Right Diagnosis, an extensive knowledge base of information on 20,000 medical conditions, there are almost 10,000 cases of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in Australia every year – with many occurring in the workplace.

Whether through poorly maintained air-conditioning units, faulty heating systems or gas-powered networks, CO is one of the most serious issues that industry professionals need to be aware of and take action against.

One way that this risk can be mitigated is by allowing employees to undertake a CO training course. Designed for gas plumbers, Testo’s sessions are easy to attend with no obligation.


CO is a topic that most industry professionals know something about. However, this knowledge is often limited to key areas, meaning their protection is not as comprehensive as it should be.

Testo’s industry-leading specialists cover aspects like the dangers of CO and the symptoms of CO poisoning.

Through interactive sessions, professionals are taught how to measure the gas accurately and with the right equipment. There is also a focus on basic checks that can be performed on gas detectors before use.

Professionals will benefit from learning correct fluing technique and gaining an overview on the ventilation of gas-burning equipment.

CO poisoning is a risk across the country. With this in mind, previous federal governments have created legislative requirements in relation to CO measurement. Each piece of gas-consuming appliance or equipment needs to operate within certain parameters, and this is covered as part of Testo’s training course.


As the next generation of workers rise through the ranks, it is important that key work health and safety standards are passed throughout the team. Ensuring every key member of a team has received the best training possible will mean better outcomes for those on the worksite and for the general public.

For individuals, this type of course looks good on a résumé among prospective employers, as it highlights a dedication towards safety.


Over the coming months, Testo is running three CO training courses, with the next one occurring on Friday 11 September from 9am to 12pm.

All training sessions are held at Testo Pty Ltd, Unit 11, 114–118 Merrindale Drive, Croydon South, VIC 3136, and are conducted by Gastrain, a recognised training institution.

Sessions are only $50 per person, with all training materials supplied. Don’t forget that if you attend the course, you’ll receive $100 off your Testo 310/320 gas detector.

Testo Australia is a measuring instrument specialist that works across many industries.

For more information about the upcoming CO training courses or to register, visit or call Testo at 1800 659 223.

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