Unlock the power of your digital asset

A diagram of the AVEVA Digital Asset.

A diagram of the AVEVA Digital Asset.

We live in a constantly changing world, where our customers design, build and operate the world’s largest capital projects and facilities.

Changing markets, new technologies, larger and more complex projects and demanding time pressures are challenges for both engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and owner operators. In addition, as the oil price remains depressed, gas is losing its competitive edge and it is more important than ever to protect the bottom line of gas projects through aggressive streamlining.

Both during project execution and asset operation, massive amounts of engineering information are created, used and updated every day, making it difficult to maintain accurate correspondence between the physical and the digital assets. For EPCs, this increases project risk, delivery times and costs while, for owner operators, it can jeopardise operational safety and reliability.

Access to trusted information throughout the entire asset life cycle is critical. AVEVA’s unique Digital Asset approach builds an integrated information framework that delivers trusted information to its users and ensures that the Digital Asset is always a true current representation of the physical asset. The Digital Asset is thus the information core of every project and facility. It unifies and validates the information that runs through every system, populates every application, and is embedded in every document and model.

This Digital Asset approach provides deep application integration where real-time information sharing between disciplines is critical to success. It is also open, which means that data and documents created in almost any software can be easily validated and accessed. There are no barriers to information flow, just rapid access to trusted information. And by providing a full portfolio of innovative engineering, design and asset management technology built upon the Digital Asset approach, AVEVA enables its customers to unlock the power of their valuable information resources.

AVEVA’s products and solutions are grouped by the capabilities that they provide to support each phase of the asset life cycle. For example, engineering capabilities enable the various engineering disciplines to efficiently create, edit and manage engineering data all through the iterative design of a project. But the data for each application is not created in isolation; it forms part of the growing Digital Asset and can be shared across other engineering and design applications to enable efficient collaboration across the entire project team. Open integration also enables data from third-party solutions to be aggregated and validated into the Digital Asset, enabling flexible choice of software in the typical multi-technology environment of the typical EPC.

And because the Digital Asset can also be shared with the project’s client, it also streamlines the project handover and commissioning stages and goes on to be a foundation for efficient asset life cycle management. Only AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach enables seamless collaboration through open information sharing throughout an asset’s capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) phases. For EPCs, this means predictability. It brings greater efficiency, control of costs and improved risk management, as well as a smoother handover to the operator. For Owner Operators, it means reliability: both planned and unplanned downtime are reduced; they have more agility to cope with changes and interruptions; and they are able to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances.

The gas industry cannot control ever-changing market conditions, but it is possible to be more agile and efficient in responding to them. Those who take advantage of these new enabling technologies will find themselves more resilient to market downturns and in a stronger position to exploit the upturns. One thing is for certain: the time to streamline is now.

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