Victoria gas moratorium to remain until December 2015

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

A moratorium on all onshore gas activities, in place since August 2012, is set to remain in place until an inquiry into CSG development in Victoria reports its findings in December 2015.

The Victorian Government has asked the Environment and Planning Committee to conduct the inquiry into the exploration, extraction, production and rehabilitation for onshore unconventional gas.

The latest inquiry into the exploration and production of natural gas in Victoria must, once and for all, settle the issue of the value of natural gas for Victorians, according to the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA).

APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright said a moratorium on all onshore gas activities is not good for investment or for energy supplies in the state.

“The independent scientific reviews already conducted have shown that, with appropriate safety measures and regulation, CSG extraction can be achieved safely and efficiently, and provide benefits to local communities,” Ms Cartwright said.

Ms Cartwright said that policies that halt development of natural gas condemn Victorians to using electricity generated by high carbon emitting coal-fired power, with the outcome generating twice as much carbon emissions as gas-fired power.

A moratorium on all onshore gas activities has been in place since August 2012, and will remain until the inquiry reports to Parliament.

The inquiry is due to provide its final report by 1 December 2015.

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