WellDog awarded $35 million CSG contract

WellDog has been awarded a A$35 million multi-year contract to provide downhole progressive cavity pumping (PCP) system equipment to CSG operators active in the Surat and Bowen basis in Queensland.

The contract has been awarded to WellDog’s Artificial Lift business unit based in Toowoomba.

“Frequent workovers caused by heavy solids production and pump failure have plagued CSG since it started,” said WellDog CEO John M Pope.

“Our solids management technical products have been proven over the past few years to provide a step change increase in pump lifetime. The pump, which was developed by Baker Hughes and features an elastomer designed for Queensland CSG applications, should further increase pump performance and reliability substantially.”

WellDog said that the contracts were awarded by multiple operators via competitive tender processes that attracted the world’s top artificial lift equipment and service providers. WellDog submitted the winning bids in partnership with Baker Hughes, its key artificial lift provider. Baker Hughes is a global leader in artificial lift systems and services for the oil, gas, and water production markets.

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