WGC Paris 2015 to highlight the increasing role of gas in global energy mix

WGC Paris 2015 has already generated strong expectations.

WGC Paris 2015 has already generated strong expectations.

The global gas industry is facing unprecedented challenges because of current global oil price volatility.

Supply and demand challenges, technological innovations and the role of gas in an affordable and secure transition to a lower carbon economy also rank high on the agenda.

The upcoming 26th World Gas Conference (WGC) in Paris will look at the future plans of global gas companies and governments, where future work flow is going to come from and what to expect at this time of industry turmoil. 

In addition to 500 expert speakers addressing critical debates on challenges the energy industry is facing, delegates can look forward to two new special sessions:

  • Dr Daniel Yergin and Marcel Kramer will present a session titled Energy Industry in Turmoil, in which they will discuss the huge challenges the energy industry is facing due to sudden changes in the market, unclear energy policies and changing subsidisation for the development of renewables; and,
  • French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius will set the scene for the upcoming Conference of Parties (COP) 21 which will result in an international energy agreement to limit global warming, in a special session titled Natural Gas and COP21.

Online delegate registration ends 29 May 2015.



Click here to register for the World Gas Conference. For more information on the conference, visit its website here.

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