Woodside’s Coleman calls for gas industry to step up

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman.

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman.

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman has criticised the environmental impacts of coal and called for natural gas to be considered as more than a transition fuel.

Speaking at the World Gas Conference in Paris, Mr Coleman said it was time to take gas seriously as a cleaner alternative to coal.

“Natural gas needs to be a part of the base energy mix…we need to stop talking about gas as just something that will pass by in the night,” he said.

Speaking about the future gas and LNG demand, Coleman said there is a huge demand coming from Asia, especially from India and China.

According to Mr Coleman, India only takes about 13 million tonnes of LNG per year, while Japan imports over 90 million tonnes.

“India has a population of about 1.2 billion people and Japan just over 127 million people…there is a huge opportunity there,” Mr Coleman said.

Mr Coleman also spoke about the threat of global warming and the link with gas supply, saying, “Natural gas should and must play a key role in addressing climate change and we must step up.”

Mr Coleman urged the gas industry to be vocal about its benefits: “The gas sector needs to step up, argue its benefits. Who allowed clean coal to be coined? Give me a break.

“Our industry has historically been too timid to address the shortcomings of coal but now it’s time for us to stand up and we need to stand united.

“We the gas sector must do more to highlight the benefits of gas over the product of our competitors.”

Hosted by the French presidency, and organised by the International Gas Union (IGU) with support from host sponsors Total SA and GDF SUEZ, the World Gas Conference, held between 1–5 June, addressed the recent developments in the energy sector, with a prime focus on the sustainable growth of the global gas industry.

The conference featured over 4,000 industry professionals from 100 different countries, 500 international speakers, and more than 300 exhibitors.

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