WWL: serving industry logistics needs from four key locations

Aerial view of WWL’s Brisbane EPC.

Aerial view of WWL’s Brisbane EPC.

As a global company, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics understands the unique logistics needs of the gas industry, and has four ideally located equipment processing centres from which to serve the industry.

The company’s expertise can be assured through its operations and involvement in over 50 technical services/vehicle processing centres and eleven ocean terminals globally, responsible for handling over 10 million units per annum. In the Oceania region, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) offers extensive ocean services throughout the region, as well as technical services in key strategic locations.

WWL specialises in rolling and static equipment such as trucks, cranes and mining equipment, including trenchers and excavators. Understanding the market is of prime importance in establishing operations at key locations globally and within Australia. The company offers the critical supply chain benefit of providing a close link between ocean and inland networks.

There are four WWL equipment processing centres (EPCs) located in Australia, which are based in Port Kembla, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Each of the Australian EPCs can assist pipeline companies with the following services:

  • Post production quality inspection – to ensure that all equipment is compliant to Australian design rules.
  • Fault diagnosis and repairs – for both paint and mechanical jobs.
  • Storage and inventory management – storage includes a range of undercover and outdoor storage options, from hardstand bitumen to concrete pads. WWL also offers a preservation service for units, which ensures protection from the elements during extended storage periods.
  • Wash and detail services – includes full interior and exterior detailing and preparation for sales dispatch.
  • Paint facility services – each EPC incorporates paint facilities (prepare, spray and bake) capable of handling high, heavy and unique equipment. WWL uses high-quality automotive-grade paints as well as quick-dry enamels.
  • Superior protection of site and product – each site has CCTV cameras at the entry and exit gates as well as full-perimeter electric fencing at all sites. There are security patrols on each of the sites seven days a week, with alarm systems in place with back-to-base remote monitoring.

Other services offered by the WWL EPCs include:

  • Distribution services;
  • Build planning;
  • Production visibility;
  • Fleet build up;
  • Container unpacking services; and,
  • Accessorising services.

WWL’s sophisticated supply chain management services ensure an efficient integration of ocean transportation, inland distribution and a comprehensive range of specialised technical services.

For more information contact the WWL Customer Care team on 1300 885 995 or visit www.2wglobal.com

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