ZNX builds unique confined space training facility

 ZNX workers demonstrate breathing apparatus and safety procedures in a gas escape simulation exercise.

ZNX workers demonstrate breathing apparatus and safety procedures in a gas escape simulation exercise.

ZNX Network Services Victoria has invested in a confined space simulation environment designed to increase the safe practices of the ZNX workforce and drive business efficiencies by keeping training on site.

The training simulator was formally opened on 22 July by ZNX General Manager Kevin McGrath with client Multinet Gas in attendance.

“This facility is amazing,” said Stephen Walton, contractor performance manager at Multinet Gas. “ZNX has shown they are truly committed to driving a culture of safety.”

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was preceded by a presentation from ZNX’s HSEQ Manager, Anita Green, and a simulation exercise where trained ZNX gas workers showcased the new facility.

Ms Green said the risks surrounding confined spaces were very real and that fatalities in confined spaces occur all too frequently.

“Typically training has always been very theoretical rather than practical, and a key factor in an emergency is not knowing how people will respond emotionally, especially in claustrophobic and often dark settings,” she said.

“Having practical training in a confined space can help the workers be prepared physically and emotionally so they can think clearly and don’t just react in a crisis or high risk situation.”

The equipment used in the simulation exercise was ZNX’s fit for purpose tripod, which has an optional fourth leg that can be added for increased stability on uneven ground. It also has the added benefit of
being able to lift a worker to aboveground height, rather than to the traditional waist-high level.

John Granat, a gas systems operations worker for ZNX, has been working in the field for over 12 years and is considered a ‘confined space specialist’.

Descending up to 20 pits a day in the course of his job, he describes the confined space simulation space as “an exact replica of what’s in the field and the best training facilities in the industry.”

Daniel Santos, HSE work practices manager at United Energy and Multinet Gas said the installations are of the highest standards and the quality of the simulation scenarios were outstanding.

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