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Coal seam gas

Coal seam gas (CSG) is an odourless, colourless natural gas created over millions of years as a by-product while organic matter is turned into coal and is typically attached to the coal along its natural fractures and cleats.

This gas, mainly comprising methane, is trapped on the surface of the coal.

As coal is formed, methane, carbon dioxide and water are generated. While most of these gases and water escape naturally, some of it is trapped in the coal seam.

The gas is extracted through the removal of the water which is contained within the coal seams. When this water is released, the gas is also discharged. Just like with other gases, CSG can be used to drive turbines and create electricity.

In Australia, CSG reserves are most prominent in Queensland and New South Wales and the gas is currently used in power generation and domestic use. However a number of projects designed to turn CSG to LNG for export, are currently being developed in Queensland.

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