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Export LNG Map and Western Australian Gas Map

Bundle and save! Are you interested in Australia’s LNG projects as well as Western Australia’s gas activity? This bundle is for you!

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Export LNG Map

The Export LNG Map depicts export LNG hubs, LNG projects, project capacity and the gas fields that feed projects across Australia. Key information found at the bottom of the map details project names, number of trains, capacity, first export date, project proponent, joint venture participants and length of associated pipeline.

Western Australian Gas Map

The Western Australian Gas Map visually depicts the location, capacity and construction status of gas-fired power generation facilities. It also provides information on major transmission pipelines; proposed, under construction and commissioned LNG terminals; and major gas producing basins in Western Australia.

Key reasons to purchase this bundle

- Understand the scope and growth of the Australian LNG industry
- Find out the key players in the LNG industry, and the major gas companies involved in Western Australia’s gas activity
- Have important details on Western Australia’s gas infrastructure at your fingertips
- Easily locate key Australian gas hubs

NOTE: If you require variations of the map sizes offered here, please call 03 9248 5100.

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Usually: $440
Bundled: $399

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