Navigating contracting strategies: your essential guide

An essential guide to the different types of contracting methodologies available and how to choose the best strategy for your gas project.

As natural gas becomes increasingly popular, and more gas projects are proposed and implemented, it is important to be aware of all the contracting types available and which one will best facilitate an on-time and on-budget execution.

Different projects and situations demand different contracting strategies, and gas project proponents may enter into a particular strategy depending on the specifics of a project.

This e-guide outlines the different contract types, provides tips on how to choose the right strategy for your project, and offers advice on how best to allocate risk. It also includes a QSN 3 Pipeline case study as an example of how selecting the right contracting strategy can be beneficial when the project is faced with substantial challenges.

- Contract fundamentals
- Contract types
- Choosing a contract type
- Case study: QSN 3 Pipeline
- Risk profile and the allocation of risk

Total page count: 8

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