NRG Expert Shale Gas Report Ed 1 2011

This NRG Expert report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the global shale gas market, focusing on the market’s changes and developments, as well as forecasts for the future.

Shale gas has been a ‘game changer’ in the United States, changing the country from being reliant on imports for the foreseeable future to being able to meet demand from domestic production. A large reduction in the cost to produce natural gas from shale has made shale gas economically viable. So presently US natural gas prices are around $US4 per million British thermal units.

Whether shale gas can maintain its meteoric rise is uncertain. Low gas prices have made the economics of shale gas projects less attractive and are expected to remain bearish in the short-term. Furthermore, there is concern over the environmental impact of fracturing water and the amount of water used in the fracturing process. New environmental legislation on hydraulic fracturing, if passed, could drive the costs of hydraulic fracturing higher, possibly leaving only the big players in the shale game.

Key reasons to purchase this research

• Make informed business decisions through a clear global understanding of this market.
• Design business strategies by understanding the trends, developments and predictions.
• Understand the trends, developments and opportunities.
• Prepare market size evaluations and forecasts.
• Manipulate the in-depth data to meet your requirements.

What’s in this report?

• World oil and gas reserves
• Natural gas demand and consumption
• Unconventional gas
• The technology
• Environmental impacts
• Gas advantages
• Gas prices
• Country profiles

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary
2. World Oil and Gas Reserves
    Definitions of oil and gas reserves
    Deterministic and probabilistic estimation of reserves
    Proved reserves
    Proved, proved undeveloped reserves
    Unproved Reserves
    Unproved Probable Reserves
    Unproved Possible Reserves
    Comparison of using different methods of calculating reserves
    Calculations to determine reserve values
    The volumetric method
    Decline curve analysis
    External factors affecting reserves
3. Natural gas demand and consumption
4. Unconventional gas
    What is a source rock?
5. Technology
    Horizontal drilling
    Hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’
    Other ‘unconventionals’
6. Environmental Impacts
    Policy/Legislation in the USA
    Policy/Legislation in Canada
    Carbon emissions
7. Gas advantages
8. Gas prices
9. Other products
10. Country Profiles
11. North America
    United States
12. Europe and Eurasia
    Source; South Stream
    United Kingdom
13. South & Central America
14. Asia Pacific
    Korea, South
15. Africa
    South Africa
16. The Main Players
    Early pioneers in North America
    Big Oil & Gas

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