Power Supply Schematic

Produced by GLOBAL-ROAM, this Power Supply Schematic provides a clear picture of the physical structure of the energy supply industry in Australia, and includes a view of the various parties who own the physical energy infrastructure.

Postage Location

Covered in the map is the National Electricity Market (NEM) in the east, and Western Australia’s Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) in the west.

The soft copy version of this product is provided as a PDF file, and is strictly for internal use only.

The hard copy version is a 1,000 x 700 mm wall chart (with optional lamination), and will be a valued display on your wall.

Features of this map:

• Contact details – provided for the companies shown on the map in the generation, transmission and distribution sectors
• Prospective generators –a long list of prospective generation projects
• Existing generation stations – major generators across the NEM and the WEM identified by owner, fuel type, location, connection voltage and size
• And more!

How this product will help your business:

• Gain a clear view of “who’s who” in the electricity supply chain in Australia’s east and west
• Use this wall chart to facilitate your business development discussions, and sales planning sessions
• Understand the scope of infrastructure development on the cards for the industry, dependent on market conditions
• Short-cut the path to train new starters to your company in an industry rife with acronyms and terminology – whether these people start newly in your graduate programs, or in the boardrooms
• Quickly gain a real sense of who the key players are in the market, and where they sit
• Easily access contact details for the companies of particular interest to you.


Since 2000, GLOBAL-ROAM Pty Ltd has served several hundred clients operating all the way across Australia’s electricity markets – including generators, retailers and energy users, network companies, investors and investment banks, government departments, equipment and services suppliers, and market operators, regulators and rule making bodies.

The company helps clients make better decisions relevant to their context – by making the energy market more understandable.

These Market Maps are one of their widely used products.

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